Replica Trophies

Kent Recognition is a leader in the field of making replica trophies. Taking measurements and making impressions to create tooling from the original trophy our craftsmen are able to reproduce replicas of the original for presentation or display purposes. These replicas are typically produced in sterling silver or gold but on occasion may be produced using pewter.

Vezina Trophy
The Vezina Trophy


Visitors to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto will find replicas of the major NHL trophies which are housed on display in the Great Hall. Or will they? Perhaps these are the originals and the replicas are on tour. The details are exacting and it is nearly impossible to tell the difference from the original.

Among others, Kent Recognition has fabricated replica trophies for the Hockey Hall of Fame,  Woodbine Entertainment including the prestigious Queens’ Plate Stakes in 14kt gold, the San Jose Earthquake and numerous private clients.