Looking for a replica of The Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup aka the Stanley Cup trophy?  Looking for replica golf  trophies? Kent Recognition Inc. is here to help. We manufacture and supply replica trophies including replicas of the iconic Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup (more commonly referred to as The Stanley Cup)  the Claret Jug trophy,  the Ryder Cup trophy and the spectacular Wannamaker trophy.  Kent Recognition Inc. has been supplying the finest quality trophies and awards to its clients since 1997. Kent Recognition is able to deliver these replica trophies and provides the additional service of  trophy engraving to complete each presentation.  Over the years we have produced many replica trophies including the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, Claret Jug trophies, Ryder Cup trophies and the Wannamaker trophy. Our attention to detail and high quality standards ensure all our replica trophies are well received.

Why do people purchase replica trophies? For some it is to have a prestigious replica (such as a replica of the iconic Stanley Cup) produced to commemorate their accomplishment and proudly display it in their home or office. For others it is to purchase a replica of their favourite sport for their personal collection. Others, still, have replicas produced to incorporate into their own  personal or workplace event. We supply many of Claret Jug trophies and Ryder Cup trophies to private individuals and golf clubs across North America who are looking for a quality trophy for a new event. Our clients purchase these expertly designed replica trophies complete with fine detailing and expert engraving. One of our signature trophies, the solid gold Queen’s Plate Stakes, produced for Woodbine Entertainment is one of the most coveted awards in the Canadian sporting landscape. We have recently completed replicas of the Nippon Cup for the Japanese Tennis Association and the Wannamaker Trophy for Norwood Hills Golf & Country Club.

Kent Recognition continues to define what it means to operate a family-run business. Led by Geoffrey Kent, the great grandson of founder , Benjamin Kent, the business has expanded beyond traditional retailing to cater to corporate and individual clients on a custom basis. Our expertise has migrated to creating and supplying replica trophies in gold, silver, silver plate and pewter and custom designed recognition awards in silver, bronze and crystal. Working closely with all our clients we start with one powerful idea and then forge a finished product which specifically meets their requirements.

Kent Recognition is a clear leader in the field of offering replica trophies. Taking measurements and making impressions to create tooling from the original trophy our craftsmen are able to reproduce exact replicas of the original trophies for presentation or display purposes. These replica trophies are typically produced in sterling silver, copper silver plate or gold but on occasion may be produced using pewter.